10th Festival of Pacific Arts

August 2008

The organisers of the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts, an exuberant celebration of art and culture held in the Pacific every 4 years, came to BoomBoom Fireworks with an urgent, last minute request. Were we able to provide the festival with a spectacular fireworks display for the closing ceremony in American Samoa? They already had a quote on the table from an American company but wanted to look at other options.
BoomBoom Fireworks put forth a compelling proposal and won the contract.

The proposed location posed “interesting” freight, timing and logistic challenges, though all of these were overcome with the help of the organisers, the shipping company and BoomBoom Fireworks staff.

The result was sensational, a 20 minute fireworks display that lit up the island in a spectacle of colour. The entire show was choreographed to music and really matched the vibrancy of the festival.

The clients and all in attendance were thoroughly impressed with the outcome and the manner in which the job was handled.