Barry and Kati Colman’s Wedding

November 2008

BoomBoom Fireworks were approached by one of New Zealandʼs top wedding organisers with a brief to provide a massive and stunning fireworks display for well known kiwi entrepreneur (and keen fireworks connoisseur), Barry Colman.

BoomBoom Fireworks put together a complex show sourcing a wide variety of fireworks products and also produced a music score to match. The entire display was to be fired from a prime location on a barge in the mouth of the Tamaki river in the Auckland harbour.

The event brought a fair bit of media acclaim with an advertisement in the New Zealand Herald, and radio station, George FM broadcasting our music simultaneously with the display to all of Auckland!

The show was an absolute hit and was made even more so due to the mammoth 12 inch star shell fired in the finale, which filled the sky with a brilliant golden shower.

A few words from the wedding planner:

“It is an amazing experience to have fireworks light up the sky to end off a perfect wedding day for couples and their guests. The element of surprise is stunning.
Exquisite Weddings has had the privilege of working with BoomBoom Fireworks several times over the last few years and we have always been impressed with the professional approach that they take – from the first meeting to final explosive delivery their attention to detail and safety has been excellent.”

Gayle Garmaz
Exquisite Weddings Ltd