Parachute Music

January 2010

BoomBoom Fireworks are delighted to have worked with Parachute Music to help them celebrate their 20th anniversary in style with a spectacular fireworks display.

This three-day music festival takes place annually at Hamilton’s Mystery Creek and is regarded the largest Christian festival outside the United States. 2010 saw Parachute attract over 25,000 people, many camping onsite.

The client’s request was to choreograph an action packed display to a song, The Beatles’ “Happy Birthday” and the challenge was taken on board.

We had to take careful consideration of the animals in the surrounding farms and made sure well in advance that they would be removed on the night of firing.

On the Saturday evening from high on the surrounding bank, the fireworks were let off right after the main act, Switchfoot, had finished. Precision timing and careful firing were executed to create a display that became one of the highlights of the night.

Words from Ruth Pollard, Parachute Music Events Coordinator:

Dear BoomBoom,
Thank you SO much for making our birthday celebrations spectacular!