Outdoor Fireworks

Looking for an outdoor fireworks display? You can trust us to do the job well.

We provide exciting shows, in most locations…

  • Ground based displays – using an exciting range of lower break pyrotechnics
  • Aerial based displays – thrilling shows that reach great heights into the sky
  • Fireworks on water – displays fired from barges that include a beautiful reflection
  • Fireworks off structures – fired from tops of builidngs, stadiums, etc

For any occasion under the sun (or moon):

Community events / Public events / Corporate events / Sporting events / Weddings
Cultural festivals / New Years Eve / Music Festivals / Guy Fawkes / Private parties / and more!

You dream it, weʼll generate it.

Visit our case studies page here to read about the variety of fireworks displays we have done in the past


Interested to find out a brief description of the types of fireworks we use on our displays?

Click on each name to view a photograph

Star shells
A favourite for most, Star Shells are the high flying, canon-like firework and come in a myriad of colours. They make an unmistakable boom as they are ignited and travel high into the air before exploding into an array of distinct patterns. Star Shells never fail to get ooohs and ahhhs out of the audience.

Mines are highly charged fireworks that launch into the sky from one point on the ground. They fire as single shots and can be used in a quick succession for extra dynamic effect.

Roman candles
Roman Candles are multiple shot, high flying fireworks and come in a large variety of sizes and styles. Their fine performance and timing means they are perfect for displays choreographed to music.

Catherine wheels
Catherine Wheels create a spectacular visual effect as they spin rapidly while constantly changing colour.

A beautiful addition to any ground based display, Fountains are ideal when spaced apart and fired together to cover a large area. They come in a range of colours and typically achieve a height of 4 meters.

Itʼs easy to see where Falls get their name from. Their unique design sets them apart from other fireworks. Great to use in conjunction with outdoor sets.

Comets are similar to Roman Candles in appearance except are single shots. They generally have a stunning tail that trails behind and also come in a countless array of colours.

Perfect for the audience who are after a loud “bang”, Crackers always deliver.

An array of ground cakes
Ground Cakes are ideal for any ground based display. Coming in a vast selection of styles from single effect to assorted multi effect pattern cakes means that you can have several going off at one point.

They are generally low launching and therefore fantastic for firing alongside high level aerial fireworks to create a rich layered display. Larger ground cakes can constantly fire for up to 5 minutes.

For more photos check out our fireworks image gallery

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